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Your Facebook Digital Footprint is Everywhere You’ve Never Been

How to remove (and control) your activity off and on Facebook

Snippet from your Facebook privacy settings

Several things to keep in mind when it comes to digital footprint related to Facebook activity:

· Your activity on Facebook is being tracked and shared off-Facebook (while recorded on-Facebook). This is why Facebook has such sophisticated profiles of each one of us

· Disabling all the trackers and adjusting controllers to track your activity is possible to some extent but never completely

· There is no silver bullet in scrubbing off the Internet from your digital activity

· Facebook changes settings and interface so often it’s impossible to simply adjust all the controls and forget about them. Every time a setting was changed, or new setting was added it generally resets your preference and opts you in by default. In other words: these settings are trying to expose as much of your personal information as possible. It’s up to you to make sure your preferences are in place

· Facebook won’t make it easy for your to stay private

· Facebook groups (public) are a perfect trap for people to speak freely without realizing their comments can be seen in their friends’ news feed.

Now that I’ve stopped Facebook from tracking me, can I delete any of my activity from Facebook? — Yes, to some extent. On our LinkedIn profile we provide you with a guide to actions you can take right now.

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